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Are you looking for reliable concrete for construction purposes? Turn to the experts at Peterman Concrete for quality concrete.


Locally owned and operated, we've been in the concrete business for 33 years now.

When you do business with us, you can expect great customer service! Choose from our range of concrete aggregates and premixes.

Get Integrated Colored Concrete in Portage, MI

Quality concrete for your construction needs

  • Packaged goods - mortar, cement, quick set concrete patch material

  • Premix - mortar, sand, gravel, baby sand, silica sand

  • Aggregates - mortar sand, 2NS sand, pea stone, 6-A native stone, limestone, 26-A,   "5/8" native stone

  • Crushed conrete - 1" minus, 1"- 3 "

  • Blocks - ½ Cubic Yard Blocks 2'x2'x3' 2000# ea, 1 Cubic Yard Blocks 2'x2'x6' 4000# ea

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