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Peterman Concrete is a local, family owned business providing exceptional quality products and service. We serve all the concrete needs of commercial and residential contractors, homeowners and farmers in Kalamazoo and surrounding areas. Our goal is to offer the best quality products at competitive prices.


Peterman concrete is used in a wide variety of building and farming applications, including residential and commercial building, pole barns, farm yards, bridges and many other uses.


Our company has been providing concrete in Kalamazoo surrounding areas since 1982.

We started with one truck and have grown to have over 30 trucks, 3 plants, and

50 employees to meet the needs of our customers. Our employees are highly trained and experienced professionals to ensure exceptional service on every job.

33 Years of Durable Cement in Portage, MI

Leading supplier of concrete

As the leading provider of integral colored concrete, we supply decorative concrete in all 3 locations in a wide range of colors. You can find samples of our standard and custom colors for integrated concrete on our website. In addition, we can color match nearly any color of existing integral concrete to provide you with a close match for any project.


You can find detailed information about our company and a list of our concrete products and services on our website. We are proud to offer contractors, farmers, and homeowners exceptional customer service. Call us for all your concrete needs, even if you don’t see everything you need on our website. If we don’t have it, we can tell you where to find it in the local area.

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33 Years of Durable Cement in Portage, MI